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Hi everyone!!! As you all know we have been super busy here at Pull No Punches Apparel, but I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to all our new followers on Facebook. And thank all of you for your continued support buying our apparel, sharing our posts and page, and your awesome comments!!! 

Mark is the owner of PNPA and he started the company a little over 6 years ago. After his son passed away at 17, he wanted to continue Shane's dream of putting quotes on t-shirts and selling them. So Mark started with a box of shirts in the trunk of his Cadillac and sold them all very quickly. He went on to add new quotes on a few shirts and realized he had something that people wanted. He started doing small events like bike shows and even tried selling at Green Dragon. Mark added a website and started selling online as far away as Mexico. As the shirts kept selling, hoodies, beanies, hats and sweatpants were added to the line. 

After Mark and I got together, we both threw ourselves into doing as many shows as possible to get the apparel out there. This was by far the busiest summer ever for PNPA. I now do all the computer work, take care of the website, all the design work, the embroidery work that we have now started, and work from home with our favorite mascot by my side, Tank. 

Together we have watched this company grow this year and we are so humbled and excited for next year. 

Please read Mark's story on the front page of the website and read some of our previous blogs to get to know us. Thank you all so much for your support. We couldn't do this without you all!!! 

Thank you all so much!!!

Mark and Jen 

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  • Great post. Best of everything to you both.

    Joanne on
  • So happy for you guys !! You all are doing a amazing job and I pray the best or you two !!! Much love is put into this project and you guys show how much you love doing what you are doing . Love to watch you grow, with this awesome product. I love my hoodie <3 want to get more items soon !!

    darla j blaauw on

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