Rolling Thunder and PNPA in Washington DC

Posted by Jen Hershey on

As Memorial Day approaches, those here at PNPA are getting ready to head to Washington DC for the last National Rolling Thunder event ever. This is the 32nd year for this weekend events and because of rising costs and waning donations, it will be its last. Army Sgt Artie Muller, a 73 year old Vietnam Vet and Co-founder of Rolling Thunder has stated to media that local chapters will continue with events in upcoming years.

Memorial Day has been known to some as a long weekend, a weekend to vacation, have BBQ's, gather with friends and family, but the real meaning of this day is something every red blooded American should honor. It’s the day to honor all of our Veterans who have died while serving our country. It’s a day to be proud of being an American.

PNPA will be setting up to sell apparel at the Harley Davidson of Washington DC. We are proud and honored to be a part of this year’s events. PNPA will be selling the full SOS line with $5 of each sale continuing to go to Veteran Service Canines of York, PA. Make sure to check out the new hoodie design that we are unveiling at this show. Take a few moments and remember those who have died for you this weekend. As always, be safe riding.

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