Vinny's, Thoze Guys, and Pull No Punches, small businesses working together in Lancaster, PA

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April 1st, 2019 was a day that dreams were reached and lives were changed. Everyone has a dream, but only some have the opportunity, drive, determination, and perseverance to accomplish them.

Steve and Tommy Allegretti and the Third Guy Larry Mottola along with his wife Laura have dreamt of a brick and mortar pizzeria for years. The guys have been chefs all over the United States, including New York City, Las Vegas, and good old Lancaster County for over 25 years. Two years ago they launched their food truck at businesses, fairs, and festivals in the local area. Customers loved the food and the guys so much they started asking when they were going to open a restaurant. This led to talking to their long time friend and fellow small business owner Vinny from Vinny’s Pizza in Wissler Corner on Lincoln Highway. Vinny has been the owner and the face behind the counter of the pizza shop for 42 years at three local locations. He first opened in the East Towne Mall right outside the Kmart store and was there for over 15 years. Vinny moved to Rockvale Square for a short time and then 22 years ago opened in Wissler Corner. At every visit to Vinny’s Steve, Tommy, Larry, and Laura mentioned buying the business, but Vinny wasn’t ready to sell. They continued the pursuit by assuring Vinny they would continue his legacy.

Steve started working at the pizza shop in January 2019 and Tommy in March. After realizing that these guys would keep his traditions alive, Vinny decided to sell. So April 1st, 2019 it became Vinny & Thoze Guys Pizzeria.

Expanding the menu to include wings, garlic knots, panini, and other Italian specialties while keeping the same pizza and sauce Vinny perfected over the years, has allowed Thoze Guys to bring in customers from their food truck and many others. They have also started delivery within 5 miles, so now you don’t even have to leave your home to get the best pizza around. Momma Lucille comes in twice a week, at 81 years young, to make her secret rice balls and potato croquettes; because just like every Italian mother she knows she makes them better than even her boys. As the guys add TV’s and a new display for the specialties of the day, made by that third guy Larry, they are keeping all the traditions with a few modern additions. Thoze Guys will continue to visit locations and their friends and customers around Lancaster with the food truck. It was during one food truck day that Thoze Guys met Mark Westfall of Pull No Punches Apparel. They formed a friendship and have supported each other for the past few years. Most days you walk in the pizza shop, someone working is wearing a PNPA t-shirt or hat or a customer walks in wearing the apparel. Small businesses working together in Lancaster County, helping each other succeed and sometimes you come away with a few friends for life.

You can visit Vinny and Thoze Guys Pizzeria at 1944 Lincoln Highway East in Lancaster, call for pick up or delivery 717-293-8343

And look them up on Facebook

While you are thinking about pizza and t-shirts go like Pull No Punches Apparel on Facebook and Instagram or visit the web

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