SOS - Support Our Soldiers

Behind every brand, there's a story and for PNPA, the story is of a father who lost his son too early in life.

When you lose a child, you're forced to deal with emotions you never truly ready for.  Mark chose to channel his grief and pain towards something positive and rewarding, and SOS - Support Our Soldiers was born.

Mark met Dave Laughman, a Marine Corps veteran, who just a few years ago launched Veteran Service Canines, Inc. a southeastern PA-based non-profit group that connects veterans with service-connected disabilities with service dogs free of charge. 

Laughman reminds us that "if a veteran is having an off day, the dog doesn't care, it's there to provide a little bit of happiness and that makes a big difference when a veteran is experiencing PTSD/triggers".

PNPA has partnered with SOS and Veteran Service Canine, Inc. and donates $5 per item he sells of SOS apparel to Veteran Service Canine, Inc. 

One of our biggest SOS sellers is our "Heroes Don’t Wear Capes, They Wear Dog Tags" T-shirts.

Everybody has a family member that's either active military or former military.  My heart goes out to the Veterans and their families,  I think they deserve more than they get.