In 2006, PNPA founder Mark Westfall, lost his son Shane.  The loss was one that no parent should ever experience; one that causes fear and panic in the hearts and minds of parents around the world, day in and day out.  

As a kid, my son Shane was into quotes about movies and songs.  I always told him, “Come up with a logo, and let’s put them on a shirt, and we can sell it.” That was his goal, unfortunately he passed away before we could make his dream a reality.

Years later, after he passed away, I got the idea to come up with a logo and go on with his dream.  I must have come up with a 100 different logos, but nothing hit me, until I came up with the “knuckles”, something that everybody can relate to.  

It started out with 50 shirts.  I put the knuckles logo on the front and went out locally in Lancaster and ended up selling all of them!  After doing this 3-4 more times, I realized I had a logo that people liked!

PNPA thanks each and every one of you for your support!!